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April 2007

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loverspit in kissybook

Slow Kissybook Website Updates

Hey guys,

I don't know how many of you on the community gave in submissions this last week or so. Just to let you know though, I'm swamped with them right now and with school and I'm being kind of slow at processing and updating them! If your entry is not there, try again after tomorrow and hopefully they'll all be there. Sorry!


Have I still got time to get something in? I really want to submit, and I've only just gotten the time to do it.
Hey, sorry for the late reply Grug. I've already selected from out of what I've got to be in the book actually :( Things are moving super-fast because I have to be able to have work to show during crits at school and extending the deadline to the 31st initially was a huge risk for me cos now things are snowballing!! Sorry D:

But you can always submit for the online gallery? And if I am still alive after this semester and still into big financial risks, there might be a second book... :\ (At least most of the explaining and organizing will be done already.)


waaa! i'm so excited for details on the book. ^^ i'm worried though. the update on the site said april 3rdish you'd be posting something/sending emails, but I haven't seen anything. I hope I didn't miss it. o__o; I don't want to email because I know you're prolly really busy. >__


blar.... i am not anonymous! I'm cari! lilindar@gmail.com raaa! :D good luck with getting everything sorted, it must be a huge affair.
Hi Cari, I don't know if you'll see this, but I posted something for today. Sorry I haven't even got back to you other email yet, I'm swamped!


did u get my submission

Hello Kim
I was wondering why my submission isn't anywhere to be seen. I posted it twice but i dont know, maybe im posting it wrong. I saved it as a tif and emailed it as an attachment. Can you let me know if you have recieved it but decided to not put it up.

from N454